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Mini bio: Braxton Mabry & ? White

Brief biography of Braxton Mabry (1750->1840) and his wife, the daughter of Jeremiah White (?-<1790).family tree.

Braxton Mabry
Birth: May 22, 1750 in Brunswick County, Virginia
Parents: Joel Mabry & Winnifred Smith
Known residences:
--- 1782-1804 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
--- 1808 in Tennessee
--- 1820 in Paoli, Cumberland County, Kentucky
--- 1830 in Macoupin County, Illinois
--- 1833 in Greene County, Missouri
--- 1840 in Swan Township, Taney County, Missouri
Occupation: farmer
Death: after the 1840 census was taken, burial place unknown

Miss White
Birth: unknown, probably Virginia
Parents: Jeremiah & Jane White
Death: before 1790

Marriage and Children:

- Braxton Mabry married the daughter of Jeremiah White, probably in the early 1770s in Virginia
- Braxton Mabry married Nancy (possible last name Day), probably about 1790 in Virginia

Children of Braxton & ? (White) Mabry:
*** Robert Smith Mabry, Sr.: born 1777, married Rebecca Adams, then Penelope Hinds
--- Polly Braxton Mabry: born about 1779, married Richard Mabry
--- Jane Stanback Mabry: born about 1781, married John Clark Martin (or Merwin)

Children of Braxton & Nancy Mabry
--- James Mabry: born between 1790 and 1800, married Polly ?
--- Sarah "Sally" Mabry: born about 1792, married Reuben Clevenger
--- Maximillian Mabry: born about 1794, married ?
--- Joel Mabry: born between 1800 and 1810, married ?

Posts about Braxton Mabry
Braxton Mabry I: Service in the Revolutionary War
Braxton Mabry II: Life in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Braxton Mabry III: Eighteen Years Along the Tennessee-Kentucky Border
Braxton Mabry IV: West into Illinois and Missouri

Off-site Links
1782 Land Taxes, Pittsylvania County, Virginia ("Braxton Mabrie")
1782 Census, Pittsylvania County, Virginia ("Braxton Maberry")
1820 Census, Cumberland Co., Kentucky, p. 153 ("Braxton Mayberry")
1830 Census, Macoupin Co., Illinois, p. 215a (and 215b), living with son James.
1833 Green Co., Missouri Tax List (sons James and Joel Maberry)
1840 Census, Taney Co., Missouri, p. 115a (and 115A). Living with son James.
Transcription of Pension Application (White River Valley Historical Quarterly Volume 9 , Number 5 , Fall 1986)

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At 9:26 PM, Blogger Coach Kiester said...

I have no idea if you're still doing this blog, but if you are, I belong to the Braxton Mabry line. Jane Mabry is the direct line. I would be interested in any further information you have and would be willing to share what I have.

Thank you.

At 9:35 PM, Blogger Peggy said...

I haven't been posting but I read the comments.

You can email me directly at peggy(dot)kolm(at)gmail(dot)com

(Convert the dots to . and at to @)


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