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Mini bio: Thomas M. & Louisa (Shaffer) Bayles

Brief biography of Thomas M. Bayles (1826-1901) and his wife Leatha "Louisa" Shaffer 1832-1864). Their position on the family tree.

Thomas M. Bayles
Birth: February 1826 in what is now West Virginia
Parents: unknown
Known residences:
--- 1850 living in Jefferson Township, Muskingum County, Ohio
--- 1860 living in Cumberland (Otego Township), Fayette County, Illinois, near Hickory Creek P.O.
--- 1865 served in Illinois 7th Cavalry, Company G (Civil War)
--- 1870 living near Vandalia, Sefton Township, Fayette County, Illinois
--- 1875 (December) moved to Prairie City, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma)
--- 1880 (Fall) moved back to St. Elmo, Fayette County, Illinois
--- 1890 living in Brandsville, Howell County, Missouri
--- 1891 living in Grandin, Carter County, Missouri
--- 1899 living in Kansas City, Missouri
--- 1900 living in Vandalia, Fayette County, Illinois (may have been visiting son?)
--- 1901 living at 1611 Spruce Ave., Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
Occupation: farmer
Death: February 13, 1901 in Kansas City, Missouri, buried in Union Cemetery in Kansas City.

Leatha "Louisa" Shaffer
Birth: May 17, 1832 in Muskingum County, Ohio
Parents: Philip C. Shaffer & Suzanna Drake(?)
Death: April 25, 1864 at Howard's Point, Fayette County, Illinois;

Marriage and Children:

- Thomas M. Bayles married Leatha "Louisa" Shaffer on April 19, 1849 in Muskingum County, Ohio. Louisa died in April 1864.
- Thomas M. Bayles married Mary Ann "Mollie" Turney on October 13, 1864 in Fayette County, Illinois. Mollie died in February 1868.
- Thomas M. Bayles married Eurania Ellen (Shaffer) Carter, widow of Joseph Carter (and sister of Louisa Shaffer) on November 3, 1868 at St. Elmo, Fayette County, Illinois. Eurania died in 1907.

Children of Thomas & Louisa (Shaffer) Bayles
--- Columbus Warren Bayles: born 1849, married Mary E. Smith and Nancy Ann Bennett
*** Esther Jane Bayles: born 1850, married Robert Smith Mabry, Jr., then Elkanah Smith
--- Artemus W. Bayles: born 1852, married Priscilla Hoffacre, and Lou ?
--- Ruhama Helen Bayles: born 1854, married Isaac Jerome Fogler
--- Corwin Tremont Bayles: born about 1857, married Laura Moore?
--- Sarah Florence Bayles: born 1861, married George W. Kepner

Children of Thomas & Mollie (Turney) Bayles:
--- Carrie Ellen Bayles: born 1865, married Stephen Dudley Mabry

Children of Thomas & Eurania (Shaffer Carter) Bayles:
--- Thomas Bayles born about 1869
--- Robert H. Bayles born 1870, married May Delia ?
--- Charles A. Bayles born 1872

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Off-site Links
1860 Census, Fayette Co., Illinois, p. 67, Thomas Bayles and family.

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