Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Mini bio: Jeremiah & Jane White

Brief biography of Jeremiah White (? - 1788) and his wife, Jane (? - after 1788).

Jeremiah White
Birth: unknown, possibly in Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Parents: unknown
Known residences:
--- by 1754 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia
--- 1778 moved to Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Occupation: farmer/planter
Death: 1788 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Jane ?
Birth: probably in Virginia
Parents: unknown. Her maiden name may have been Stainback or Stanback.
Death: after 1788.

Marriage and Children:

Marriage: Jeremiah White married Jane ?, probably in Virginia

Children of Jeremiah and Jane White:
--- William White
--- Jeremiah White: born between 1727 and 1788.
--- John White:
born between 1727 and 1788.
--- Hamilton White:
born between 1727 and 1788.
*** (Miss) White: married Braxton Mabry
--- Jane White: married William Clark
--- Mary "Polly" White: born about 1754
--- Lettice White: born about 1766, married James Hinton and Richard Johnson
--- Nancy White: married James F. Johnson
--- Robert S. White

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