Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Mini bio: Ephraim & Frances (Green) Parham

Brief biography of Ephraim Parham (abt. 1660-1726) and his wife, Frances Green (abt 1665-abt 1740).

Ephraim Parham
Birth: about 1660 in Virginia
Parents: son of Matthew Parham or James Parham (son of Matthew Parham)
Known residences:
--- Surrey County, Virginia
Occupation: farmer
Death: 1726, in Surrey County, Virginia

Frances Green
Birth: about 1665 in Virginia
Parents: Lewis Green, Sr.
Death: about 1740 in Brunswick County, Virginia
[note: Brunswick County did not form until 1732]

Marriage and Children:

Marriage:Ephraim Parham married Frances Green before 1697 in Virginia

Children of Ephraim and Frances (Green) Parham:

*** Frances Parham: born about 1697, married Hinchia Mabry
--- Ephraim Parham, Jr.: born about 1698, married Rebecca ?
--- Lewis Parham: born before 1699
--- Matthew Parham: born about 1694

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