Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Mini bio: Joel & Winnifred (Smith) Mabry

Brief biography of Joel Mabry (abt 1732 - abt 1784) and his wife Winnifred Smith (abt 1729 - abt 1804). Their position on the family tree.

Joel Mabry
Birth: about 1732 in Brunswick County, Virginia
Parents: Hinchia Mabry & Frances Parham
Known residences:
--- 1755 in Parish of St. Andrew, Brunswick County, Virginia
--- 1781 the part of Brunswick County occupied by Joel Mabry became Greensville County
--- 1783 in Parish of St. Andrew, Greensville County, Virginia
Occupation: farmer
Death: between January and June of 1784

Winnifred Smith
Birth: about 1729, Virginia
Parents: William & Elizabeth Smith
Death: between August 1803 and February 1804

Marriage and Children:

- Winnifred Smith married a Mr. Matthews before 1748. No known children.
- Winnifred (Smith) Matthews married Joel Mabry in about 1748, probably in Brunswick County, Virginia

Children of Joel & Winnifred (Smith) Mabry
*** Braxton Mabry: born 1750, married Miss White, then Nancy Day?
--- Lewis Paris Mabry: born about 1753, married Susanna Hamilton, then Elizabeth White
--- Rebecca Mabry: born about 1758, married Arveris Wilkerson, then John Poole
--- Sarah Mabry: born after 1758, married Mr. Loyd
--- Elizabeth Mabry: born after 1758, married John Bonner
--- F. Mabry (girl): born after 1758, died 1781
--- Frances Mabry: born after 1758, married William Holt

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