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Mini bio: Robert Smith Mabry, Jr. & Esther Jane Bayles

Brief biography of Robert Smith Mabry, Jr. (1825-1884) and his wife Esther Jane Bayles (1850-1892). Their position in the family tree.

Robert Smith Mabry, Jr.
Birth: December 27, 1825, Logan County, Kentucky
Parents: Robert Smith Mabry, Sr. & Rebecca Adams
Known residences:
--- 1830-1840 in Marion County, Illinois
--- 1850 in Pulaski County, Illinois (living with brother Joel Mabry)
--- 1860 in Sefton Township, Fayette County, Illinois
--- 1865 served in Civil War in the 7th Illinois Cavalry, Company F
---1870-1884 in Sefton Township, Fayette County, Illinois
Occupation: farmer

Death: March 31, 1884 in Fayette County, Illinois; buried Guy Cemetery in St. Elmo, Fayette County, Illinois

Esther Jane Bayles
Birth: October 21, 1850 in Muskingum County, Ohio
Parents: Thomas M. Bayles & Leatha "Louisa" Shaffer
Known residences:
--- 1860 in Cumberland Township, Fayette County, Illinois
--- 1868-1884 in Sefton Township with husband with Robert Mabry
--- 1892 Vandalia, Illinois
Death: September 10, 1892 in Vandalia, Fayette County, Illinois; buried in Guy Cemetery in St. Elmo, Avena Township, Fayette County, Illinois

Marriage and Children:

Robert Smith Mabry, Jr. first married Susannah J. Smith on December 14, 1851 in Sefton Township, Fayette County, Illinois. Susannah died in 1864. They had no surviving children.

Robert Smith Mabry, Jr. married Esther Jane Bayles on January 9, 1868 in Fayette County, Illinois. Robert died in 1884.

Esther Jane (Bayles) Mabry married Elkanah Smith on September 7, 1889 in Fayette County, Illinois. They had no children.

--- Harry Clarence Mabry: born in 1868, married Ida Ray Fogler, then Lucy Wasmuth
--- Joel McKane "Joe" Mabry: born in 1870, married Kennice Belle "Kennie" Easley
--- Jennie Littlejohn Mabry: born in 1869, married William Hopper
--- Thomas Greenville Mabry: born 1874, married Ella Florence Eddington, then Lucy (Wasmuth) Mabry
--- Robert Smith Mabry: born 1877, died 1880
*** Isaac Paris "Pete" Mabry: born 1879, married Gertie Holben

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Off-site Links
1850 Census, Pulaski County, Illinois, p. 320b, Robert living with older brother Joel B. Mabery.
1860 Census, Fayette Co., Illinois, p. 136, Robert and Susannah Mabry.
1860 Census, Fayette Co., Illinois, p. 67, Thomas Bayles and family.
• Transcribed 1880 Census, Fayette Co., Illinois, p. 112 C.

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