Monday, November 28, 2005

Mini Bio: Philip Weiser & Mary Grümber

This is a brief biography of Neil's great grandparents, Philip Weiser (1782-1854) and Mary Grümber (1802-1886). See their position on the family tree.

Johann "Philip" Weiser
Parents: Johann Jacob Weiser & Anna Barbara Emt
Birth: March 12, 1782 in Oberwisen, Hessen (present-day Germany)
Known Residences:
--- 1838 Rauentaler Hof, Gemeinde Bornheim, Hessen (emigration)
--- 1838 Pennsylvania (immigration)
--- 1840 Upper St. Clair Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
--- 1841 Cass County, Illinois
Occupation: farmer
Death: August 1, 1854 in Cass County, Illinois; buried in Weiserr Cemetery in Arenzville Township, Cass county.

Maria Magdalena "Mary" Grümber
Parents: Elizabetha Margaretha Lahr & ? Grümber
Birth: September 24, 1802 in Weinheim, Alzey, Hessen (present-day Germany)
Known Residences:
--- Prior to 1854 with husband
--- 1860 Arenzville, Cass County, Illinois (with son Philip)
--- 1870 Taylorville, Christian County, Illinois (with son John)
--- 1880 Buckhart Twp., Christian County, Illinois (with son John)
Death: November 15, 1886 (or 1884)

Marriage and Children
Marriage: Johann "Philip" Weiser married Maria Magdalena Grümber on June 30, 1819 in Weinheim, Alzey, Hessen.

--- Nicholas Weiser: born 1820 in Bornheim, married Hilke Eilers, died 1875 in Cass County, Illinois
--- Margaretha Weiser: born 1822 in Bornheim, may have died shortly after arriving in America.
--- Georg Weiser: born 1824 in Bornheim, may have died shortly after arriving in America.
--- Johannes "John" Weiser: born 1828 in Bornheim, married Dorothea Musch, died 1897 in Sharpsburg, Christian County, Illinois.
--- Katherine Weiser: born 1831 in Bornheim, married Frederick Birkenmeyer, died before 1865.
--- Anna Maria "Susanna" Weiser: born 1833 in Bornheim, married John Hoerring, died after 1902 in Washington state.
--- Philip Weiser: born 1835 in Bornheim, married Margretta Dexheimer, died in 1902 in Stonington, Christian County, Illinois.
--- Karlena "Carrie" Weiser: born 1839 in Pennsylvania, married Dietrich Keiser, then Simon Broker, died in 1918 in Craigmont, Oklahoma.
*** Barbara Weiser: born 1842 in Cass County, Illinois; married Edward Holben; died 1893 in Edmund, Oklahoma.

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Off-site Links
Weiser Family History - excellent site with history of the Weiser family in Germany and scans of original birth, marriage and death records.
1880 Census, Christian Co., Illinois, p.506A, family of John Weiser (with Mary in the household)
Biography of John Weiser in the Portrait and Biographical Record of Christian County, Illinois, p. 239.



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