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Mini bio: Edward & Barbara (Weiser) Holben

Brief biography of Edward Holben (1837-1892) and his wife Barbara Weiser (1842-1893). Their position on the family tree.

Edward Holben
Edward Holben
Birth: August 8, 1837, in Ohio (probably Medina County)
Parents: Jonathan Holben and Ulrike Jacobena Wichterman
Known residences:
--- 1850 in Harrisville Township, Medina County, Ohio
--- 1860 in Lodi area, Harrisville Township, Medina County, Ohio
--- 1862 moved to Christian County, Illinois
--- 1870 in Grove City, Christian County, Illinois
--- 1880 in Buckhart Township (near Edinburg), Christian County, Illinois
Occupation: farmer
Death: November 14, 1892 in Christian County, Illinois; buried in Buckhart Cemetery (Grove City), near Edinburg, Christian County, Illinois

Barbara Weiser
Barbara (Weiser) Holben
Birth: May 20, 1842 in Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois
Parents: Johann "Philip" Weiser & Maria Magdelena "Mary" Grümber
Known Residences:
--- 1850 probably in Cass County, Illinois
--- 1860 probably with brother Nicholas in Morgan County, Illinois
[after 1863-1892 with husband Edward]
Death: September 23 or December 23, 1893 in Oklahoma (possibly in Edmond); buried at Buckhart Cemetery (Grove City) near Edinburg, Christian County, Illinois

Marriage and Children:

- Edward Holben married Barbara Weiser on March 1, 1863 in Cass County, Illinois.

Children of Edward & Barbara (Weiser) Holben
--- Mary Katherine "Mel" Holben: born 1865, married Albert H. Rischel, and William L. Hodde
--- Charles "Delias" Holben: born 1867
--- Carrie Minerva Holben: born 1869, married Charles W. Alexander, and T. M. Norwood
--- Cedona Margaret "Dona" Holben: born 1872, married William A. Sanders
--- George Allen Holben: born 1875, married Hilda Herring
*** Gertrude Susanna Philinia "Gertie" Holben: born 1881, married Isaac Paris "Pete" Mabry
--- Ora Carrol Holben: born 1887, married Jerrie Harle DeLangauldt

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Off-site Links
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