Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Mabry Website

Just a reminder that the Mabry web site run by Don Collins has a wealth of information. It was last updated in May 2004.

We are descended from Francis Maybury, who emigrated from England to Virginia before 1679. Our ancestry is as follows:

1. Francis Maybury & Elizabeth Gilliam. More Information about Francis and Elizabeth.
2. Hinchia Maybury & Frances Parham
3. Joel Mabry & Winnifred Smith (widow Matthews)
4. Braxton Mabry & the daughter of Jeremiah White
5. Robert Smith Mabry & Rebecca Adams
6. Robert Smith Mabry, Jr. & Esther Bayles
7. Isaac Paris "Pete" Mabry & Gertie Holben
8. Robert "Neil" Mabry & Esther Kraus

(For more details, see the "mini-biographies" in the sidebar).



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