Friday, November 11, 2005

World War I Draft Registration

In 1917 and 1918, all males born between 1872 and 1900 were required to register for the draft. The draft registration cards are a great source of genealogical information, with registrant's home address, occupation and physical description.

Neil Mabry, born in 1902, was not required to register. Neil's dad, Isaac Paris "Pete" Mabry, did have to register.

This is the information he gave:

Name: Isaac Paris Mabry
Address: 912 East 2nd, Pana, Christian County, Illinois
Birth: May 28, 1879 (age 39), native born
Occupation: Club Attendant, LOO Moose No. 1455, North Locust St., Pana, Christian Co., IL
Nearest Relative: Gertie Susanna Mabry, wife, same address.
Description: Tall, Medium Build, Gray Eyes, Brown Hair

One of Pete's brothers also had to register:

Name: Thomas Green Mabry
Address: 626 E. Broadway, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois
Birth: October 14, 1875 (age 42), native born
Occupation: R.R. Switchman, ICRR, Centralia
Nearest relative: Ella Mabry, wife, same address
Description: Medium height, Stout build, light brown eyes, dark brown hair

None of Neil's other uncles had to register, either because they were born before 1872, or because they passed away before 1917. Neither Pete nor Thomas were served in the Great war.

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